Product safety and recall


Published 15/02/2018

This Commons briefing paper provides an overview of the current product safety regime in the UK.

Northern Ireland since May 2016: developments


Published 15/02/2018

Overview of political developments in Northern Ireland since the Assembly election of May 2016, providing a background to the collapse of talks on re-forming a Northern Ireland Executive in February 2018.

Money laundering law


Published 14/02/2018

This note charts successive phases of UK money laundering regulations and considers their benefits and burdens..

Housing Market: Key Economic Indicators


Published 13/02/2018

Housing market: Data on house prices, mortgage approvals and house-building.

Inflation: Key Economic Indicators


Published 13/02/2018

Inflation: Data on both the CPI and RPI inflation indices.

Mineworkers' pensions


Published 13/02/2018

Covers the arrangements made for mineworkers' pensions following privatisation of British Coal in 1994.

Home education in England


Published 13/02/2018

This briefing sets out the current position relating to home education in England and provides brief information on recent issues raised concerning home education. It covers England only.

Regional and National Economic Indicators


Published 13/02/2018

Data summarising the economic situation in the regions and countries of the UK

Tax Relief for Childcare


Published 13/02/2018

This note discusses the current, limited, tax relief given for employer-supported childcare, and the case that has been made for wider relief on these costs.

Social care: care home market – structure, issues, and cross-subsidisation (England)


Published 13/02/2018

This House of Commons Library briefing paper considers the current structure of the care home market in England, as well as issues facing the sector and how private clients (“self-funders”) tend to pay more than local authority funded residents (known as “cross-subsidisation”). A link to the full report in pdf format can be found at the bottom of this page.