People claiming unemployment benefits by constituency, August 2017


Published 13/09/2017

This paper contains claimant count figures for parliamentary constituencies, as well as a summary of the latest labour market statistics for the UK as a whole.

Education funding in South Liverpool


Published 13/09/2017

On 10 October 2017 at 4:30pm, there will be an hour long Westminster Hall debate on Education Funding in South Liverpool. The debate is sponsored by Maria Eagle MP.

New early years funding formula from 2017-18, including maintained nursery schools (England)


Published 13/09/2017

This House of Commons Library briefing paper explains the new early years funding formula which was introduced in the 2017-18 financial year.

Energy in Wales


Published 13/09/2017

This pack has been prepared ahead of the debate to be held in Westminster Hall on Thursday 14 September 2017 from 1.30-3pm on energy in Wales. The debate will be opened by Albert Owen MP.

Abuse and intimidation of candidates and the public during the General Election campaign


Published 13/09/2017

General debate on the abuse and intimidation of candidates and the public during the General Election campaign in the Commons Chamber on 14 September 2017.

Online harassment and cyber bullying


Published 13/09/2017

There have been calls to review the law covering online harassment and cyber bullying. The Conservative and Labour manifestos both contained proposals to deal with the issue. So will the law change? This Briefing Paper focusses mainly on England and Wales, but also touches on the law and relevant guidance in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Average Earnings: Key Economic Indicators


Published 13/09/2017

Average Earnings: Regularly updated data on average weekly earnings, including breakdowns by public and private sectors.

Unemployment - National: Key Economic Indicators


Published 13/09/2017

Unemployment - national: data on International Labour Organisation unemployment, the headline measure of unemployment in the UK.

Employment - National: Key Economic Indicators


Published 13/09/2017

Employment: data on employment in the UK.

Youth unemployment statistics


Published 13/09/2017

This paper presents the latest statistics on youth unemployment in the UK as well as comparisons with other EU countries.