Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Key Economic Indicators


Published 22/02/2018

UK Gross Domestic Product: Regularly updated data on growth and forecasts.

Employment - National: Key Economic Indicators


Published 22/02/2018

A summary of the latest data on employment in the UK.

Unemployment - National: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/02/2018

Unemployment - national: data on International Labour Organisation unemployment, the headline measure of unemployment in the UK.

Average Earnings: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/02/2018

Average Earnings: Regularly updated data on average weekly earnings, including breakdowns by public and private sectors.

Youth unemployment statistics


Published 21/02/2018

This paper presents the latest statistics on youth unemployment in the UK as well as comparisons with other EU countries.

Public Finances: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/02/2018

Latest data on government net borrowing and net debt.

Productivity: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/02/2018

Latest statistics showing changes in UK productivity and comparisons of UK productivity with other G7 countries.

Business and Consumer Confidence: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/02/2018

Business and Consumer Confidence: Information on business and consumer confidence surveys, which is generally released ahead of official statistical data and can indicate changes to the economic outlook as well as turning points in the economic cycle.

The National Minimum Wage: rates and enforcement


Published 21/02/2018

A briefing paper on National Minimum Wage rates and enforcement; part of a wider series on the National Minimum Wage.

Live Animal Exports


Published 21/02/2018

Live animals are exported to EU countries from the UK for breeding, fattening, and slaughter. EU rules to protect the welfare of live animals during transport and related operations were agreed in 2004, and implemented in the UK in 2007. However, there are a number of ongoing campaigns calling for a ban on live exports for slaughter, on welfare grounds. The UK vote to leave the EU has prompted renewed calls for such a ban.