Interest Rates and Monetary Policy: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/09/2017

Interest Rates and Monetary Policy: Data on interest rates from the UK, eurozone and the US; a summary of the Bank of England’s and international, quantitative easing policy.

Speed limits in England


Published 21/09/2017

This paper sets out the legislation and guidance on speed limits and how highways authorities can vary limits in their areas. It also explains policy towards 20 mph, motorway and rural speed limits and how speed limits are enforced. Finally, it summarises the policies of successive governments towards speed limits.

Public Finances: Key Economic Indicators


Published 21/09/2017

Latest data on government net borrowing and net debt.

GDP - International Comparisons: Key Economic Indicators


Published 20/09/2017

GDP International Comparisons: data and forecasts for the UK and the world's largest economies.

Inflation: International: Key Economic Indicators


Published 20/09/2017

Inflation: International: Harmonised Index of Comsumer Prices data on international inflation rates.

Retail sales: Key Economic Indicators


Published 20/09/2017

Retail sales: key indicators on the value of retail sales.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Key Economic Indicators


Published 20/09/2017

UK Gross Domestic Product: Regularly updated data on growth and forecasts.

Productivity in the UK


Published 20/09/2017

The briefing provides latest statistics on UK productivity including breakdowns by sector and region/country of the UK. It also explains why productivity is important to growth, the public finances and living standards, analyses whether the stagnation in productivity is temporary or permanent, looks at the impact of Brexit on productivity growth and outlines Government policy. International comparisons are also included.

Pension flexibilities: the 'freedom and choice' reforms


Published 20/09/2017

Looks at the rules which came into force in April 2015 giving people more flexibility about when and how to access their defined contribution pension savings

Select Committees in the House of Lords: Updated September 2017


Published 20/09/2017

This House of Lords Library Note considers committees in the House of Lords which deal with public matters.