Biometric Technologies


Published 29/06/2018

Biometric technologies identify individuals based on their distinguishing physical and behavioural attributes, such as fingerprints, face, and voice. Unlike passwords or traditional identity documents, biometric attributes are inherently linked to a person and cannot usually be lost or forgotten, potentially providing greater security and convenience. This briefing focuses on how these technologies work, their applications, and the policy challenges raised by their use.

The new Italian Government


Published 29/06/2018

A new populist Italian government took office at the beginning of June 2018. International attention has focused on the government's refusal to allow migrant rescue boats to dock in Italy, and the combative approach of the new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. The governing parties have been critical of the EU, and of the impact of the euro in particular, and the government has demanded a new approach from the EU on asylum and migration policy.

Debate on spending of the Department for Education


Published 29/06/2018

This Debate Pack provides background on Department for Education spending. It covers spending on schools, further and higher education.

NHS and Integrated Healthcare Services


Published 29/06/2018

This House of Lords Library Briefing has been prepared in advance of the debate due to take place in the House of Lords on the motion moved by Lord Darzi of Denham (Labour) “that this House takes note of the creation of the National Health Service in 1948, and the case for integration of health, mental health, social and community care to equip the National Health Service for the next 70 years”. It provides a short history of the National Health Service (NHS), and summarises recent debates surrounding the integration of healthcare in England.

Implications for Scotland of leaving the EU


Published 29/06/2018

Patricia Gibson has secured a Westminster Hall debate on the implications for Scotland of leaving the European Union. This debate will take place at 09:30 on Tuesday 3 July 2018.

E-petitions 206568, 210497 and 201416 relating to family visitor visas


Published 29/06/2018

A Westminster Hall debate on E-petitions 206568, 210497 and 201416 relating to family visitor visas is scheduled for Monday 9 July 2018 at 4.30pm. The Member leading the debate is Helen Jones MP, Chair of the Petitions Committee.

Constituency Casework: Anti-Social Behaviour


Published 29/06/2018

Get help with constituency casework: Anti-Social Behaviour. A briefing to assist MPs and their staff in dealing with enquiries from constituents regarding anti-social behaviour.

Government borrowing, debt and debt interest: statistics


Published 29/06/2018

This is a purely statistical note on public sector borrowing (the budget deficit), public sector debt and government debt interest payments.

Harassment: "Police Information Notices" or "Early Harassment Notices" in England and Wales


Published 29/06/2018

The police sometimes issue warning notices to individuals where there are allegations of harassment. This note explains what these are and why they are used.

Household Debt: Key Economic Indicators


Published 29/06/2018

Household debt: Data on the latest household debt statistics, including net lending, mortgage interest rates and insolvencies.