Membership of UK political parties


Published 01/09/2017

As of June 2017, Labour had 552,000 members and the Liberal Democrats had 102,000 members as of May 2017. As of August 2017 the SNP had 118,000 members. As of December 2016 the Green Party (England and Wales) had 46,000 and UKIP 34,000. As of December 2013 (latest published figure) the Conservative Party had 149,800 members. Party membership has risen notably since 2013, both in total and as a percentage of the electorate.

Trade unions: blacklisting


Published 01/09/2017

This note sets out the background to the the Employment Relations Act 1999 (Blacklists) Regulations 2010, and discusses recent developments.

Political situation in Venezuela


Published 01/09/2017

A Westminster Hall debate on the ‘Political situation in Venezuela’ is scheduled for Tuesday 5 September 2017 from 9.30am to 11.00am. The debate has been initiated by Graham P Jones MP.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill


Published 01/09/2017

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (the EUW Bill) was published on 13 July 2017.

The Catalan independence vote 2017


Published 31/08/2017

Could Catalonia be independent on 2 October 2017?

Airspace change and modernisation


Published 31/08/2017

This paper looks at the structure and management of airspace in the UK and the wider international context. It explains how airspace functions at the moment and proposals to upgrade and improve it, including the EU Single European Sky programme and the UK’s Future Airspace Strategy.

Civilian drones


Published 31/08/2017

This paper outlines current regulations for the use of recreational and commercial drones in the UK. It also presents recent policy development in the UK and internationally, as well as emerging technological and regulatory issues related to drone integration into domestic airspace.

Electric vehicles and infrastructure


Published 31/08/2017

This paper explains what electric vehicles are and how successive governments have planned for infrastructure to encourage and accommodate their growth. It also sets out the various grant streams that have been allocated for the same purpose.

North Korea: August 2017 update


Published 30/08/2017

Tensions have risen alarmingly in the Korean peninsula during the course of 2017. North Korea appears to be making faster progress towards having a nuclear weapons system that can reach the US than many observers expected. What have been the responses of the US, China, South Korea and Japan to developments since the beginning of this year?

New housing design


Published 30/08/2017

MPs will debate new housing design in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 5 September 2017 from 11.30am to 1pm . The debate will be opened by Neil Parish MP. This House of Commons Library debate pack outlines design policy and issues and provides some of the media and parliamentary coverage.