Migrant workers in agriculture


Published 04/07/2017 Amended 04/07/2017

Topics:  Farmers


The UK agriculture and horticulture sectors have long relied on migrant labour. This reliance has increased in recent years due to the seasonal nature of demand and falling unemployment in the UK. This briefing therefore examines current concerns within the industry about a labour shortage and further concerns about the impact of Brexit might have on labour supply. One solution but forward by some has been the return of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme (or something very like it), and the briefing provides a background on this. The Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme is the subject of a Westminster Hall debate on 6 July 2017. The debate is sponsored by Neil Parish, who was chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee in the last Parliament. The Committee produced a report Feeding the nation: labour constraints in April 2017


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